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Initial Acupuncture Consultation - Free (when combined with a treatment)
Acupuncture treatment Dublin - €60 (Tinahealy - €50)
Fertility Consultation & treatment - €60 (Tinahealy - €50)
Cosmetic Acupuncture - €60 (Tinahealy - €50)
Herbal Consultation -Dublin - €50 (Tinahealy - €45)
ollow up consultations Dublin €45 (Tinahealy - €35)
Acupuncture treatment with Herbal Consultation - €60 (Tinahealy - €50)

At the initial consultation the acupuncturist seeks to get an overall picture of the client, including lifestyle, diet, work, medical history and emotional wellbeing. A physical examination is carried out if appropriate and tongue and pulse diagnosis are also used. The first visit can take from 60-90 minutes and subsequent visits usually takes 45-60 minutes.

The World Health Organisation recognises the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of many conditions such as:

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Women’s Natural Health Practice Associated Practitioner

Approved by major heatlhcare providers.