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"A sudden onset of pain left me heading for St Vincent's at 4 in the morning. Reassured that nothing serious was going on and that the pain was due to an inflamed sciatic nerve which could take up to six weeks to resolve I headed home. Acupuncture was recommended and Sunday morning saw me scouring the Internet looking for an acupuncturist. Painkillers were just not working. I was delighted to find Deirdre on the web and as luck would have it she was able to fit me in on Sunday evening. I hobbled in her door, wincing with every step. Quietly confident and reassuring she set about assessing and treating my problem. The relief was amazing. Just two weeks later the pain had completely subsided and six weeks later I'm back walking, playing golf and even horse riding. Not a twinge. Thank you Deirdre." Jane

"I was referred to Deirdre by my work colleague who had previously attended Deirdre in preparation for an IVF cycle. I had previously undergone 2 failed cycles and when I heard that acupuncture could help I was willing to give it a try. I found Deirdre very understanding and professional and I really enjoyed each of my treatments with her. I went on to have a successful pregnancy and am now the proud mother of a little boy. "Mary

“I have attended Deirdre for treatment for a variety of ailments over the years and she has been my life saver on more than one occasion. I first started attending Deirdre for treatment for recurrent chest infections and cough. To my delight protracted courses of antibiotics and steroids are now a thing of the past. As soon as I feel the first sign of cough or infection I go straight to Deirdre and I find things do not develop into what was formerly a major medical event for me. I have also had major spinal surgery in the past. Again acupuncture ensures I do not have to resort to the strong pain medication I would have used in the past and I can now avoid all the attendant negative side effects of such medication. I have a very stressful job and Deirdre’s treatment for stress and the insomnia which flows from it is very powerful. I have attended several acupuncturists over the years and hand on heart I can say Deirdre is the most skilled person I have ever attended. I look forward to treatment and find that I am at my most relaxed when lying on the treatment table. I have recommended her to several friends and know that they are as impressed with Deirdre as I am”. Marie

"I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for many years and finally gave acupuncture a try. I found Deirdre on the internet and was very pleased with the treatments she gave me. She recommended some dietary changes and prescribed Chinese herbal medicine along with her acupuncture treatments. I can happily say that today my sinuses are clear and I can breathe clearly." Tom

"I had very bad morning sickness during my first trimester of pregnancy and went to Deirdre for acupuncture on the recommendation of my friend. The difference after just one treatment was amazing! So when I got pregnant for the second time and my morning sickness returned I started acupuncture treatments right away and my pregnancy was a breeze." Sophie

"I first started seeing Deirdre 6 years ago to help with sleep issues and a longstanding niggling knee injury. Her treatments brought me great relief from both and I quickly realised she was an exceptional practitioner. She quickly became a fixture, every time I got hurt during sport, Deirdre was an integral part of the recovery process. Her knowledge base is immense, and she is forever coming back with new approaches and techniques to treat her patients. I find her careful and meticulous and can safely say she has never hurt me despite the hundreds of needles she has used on me over the years.

Three years ago I suffered a spinal cord injury and Deirdre was given special permission to come and treat me in the rehabilitation hospital. My specialist and physio watched on in amazement as she made connections happen with her needles. My care team eagerly explained my condition and any developments to Deirdre knowing that she would not only understand all the jargon but come back with a plan of action to support their work. My recovery surpassed all expectations at the time and Deirdre was a constant support throughout it all. I am still a loyal patient and would recommend Deirdre to anyone.

Not only is she exceptional at what she does but as a person, she is a healer. It is amazing knowing that she is there for you, cares about what she’s doing and will do her utmost to see you well again."

"My husband and I first attended Deirdre for acupuncture after learning that we both had difficulties in the area of fertility. She was very professional and sensitive to our needs and helped us understand what Chinese medicine could do to possibly help us conceive. We both had acupuncture treatments for 3 months and Deirdre also prescribed herbs for us to take daily. After just a few weeks we both could already feel a great difference in our health and energy levels. We went on to conceive our first baby and are 7 months into our pregnancy." Paul & Janice

"I went to Deirdre for acupuncture to prepare me for IVF. I found the treatments very relaxing and it really helped to lower my anxiety levels. I also received acupuncture on the day of my transfer, I had a treatment pre- and post- transfer and I found it very helpful." Frances

"Having been recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I suffered from numerous swollen joints and significant discomfort. Deirdre's acupuncture offered me the immediate pain-relief my medication could not, with visible results after just a few sessions. This was due to Deirdre's strong knowledge of her practice but also her friendly bedside manner as she went through the available treatment options with me. I would recommend Deirdre to anyone looking to try acupuncture." Cian

"I found getting Accupuncture, starting at 38 weeks, a real help for a number of areas of my pregnancy. I went for cervical preparation but was feeling a little anxious that day about the impending labour and Deirdre tuned into this and also looked after that area too. I went on at 40 plus 4 days to have a very fast and relatively 'easy' labour with the safe arrival of a baby boy.

"Deridre also offers prenatal pilates which I did a course in and found in the 2nd trimester of my labour this really strengthened by body and I believe has resulted in my body being stronger post baby." Kelly

"I was recommended Deirdre by a friend who had known her for many years, I turned to acupuncture after having a missed miscarriage. Within a few sessions my body started to regulate itself which it hadn't done for months. The sessions were a success and I am delighted to be writing this testimonial while feeding my 6 week old baby girl. I firmly believe acupuncture helped us conceive. After we discovered we were pregnant, I did sessions with Deirdre to help carry the pregnancy during the early stages as I was extremely nervous my body would miscarry again. During my sessions, I found Deirdre to be extremely professional & friendly & would highly recommend her, she is also very compassionate and cares for her clients and has a passion for what she does." Mary

"I have had on going medical problems with my back since prolapsing 2 discs over thirty years ago. I actively manage this by keeping fit and healthy and doing Pilates based exercises. ( For 14 years with Deirdre ) However, due to its inherrant instability, it becomes inflamed at times with accompanying pain and weight bearing problems.

I had always treated this with strong analgesics and rest and resigned myself to the fact that I'd be unable to exercise for 2-4 weeks, until the spasms and swelling subsided and normal function returned. A process I knew well that could not be hurried. (I was an orthopaedic nurse) Someone suggested trying acupuncture. I was very sceptical about it and I didn't believe it would help at all but I was willing to try it.

I asked Deirdre if she would treat me. I knew she was highly qualified and had the knowledge and skills required and I had complete confidence in her abilities. At her clinic she welcomed me with a perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism that I felt completely at ease and relaxed. During the acupuncture session her calm and gentle manner and her lightness of touch was such that I did not feel a single needle. Afterwards I felt a lightness and a sense of well being. On a less ethereal level my symptoms improved markedly over 48 hours and my overall recovery time was halved. I was surprised and delighted.

Since that first time I have been treated with acupuncture by Deirdre many times, not only for my back, but for two torn calf muscles, tennis elbow and menopausal symptoms. Thankfully not all at once and all with great success.
(I have also never felt under any pressure at any time to take a 'course' of treatments and any follow up treatments have been at my own pace to suit myself and my wallet.)

On one occasion in December last year my back went into spasm at the end of an exercise class. Deirdre treated me, on the spot, with an emergency acupunture technique and I lay still for an hour afterwards. I was amazed that I was able to walk and drive home. I fully expected the usual couple of weeks for the sciatica to settle. I was pain free and weight bearing within 24hours.
I am not sure exactly how it all works but it does work and Deirdre is just lovely and very good at what she does." Jill


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