I first started seeing Deirdre 6 years ago to help with sleep issues and a longstanding niggling knee injury. Her treatments brought me great relief from both and I quickly realised she was an exceptional practitioner. She quickly became a fixture, every time I got hurt during sport, Deirdre was an integral part of the recovery process. Her knowledge base is immense, and she is forever coming back with new approaches and techniques to treat her patients. I find her careful and meticulous and can safely say she has never hurt me despite the hundreds of needles she has used on me over the years.

Three years ago I suffered a spinal cord injury and Deirdre was given special permission to come and treat me in the rehabilitation hospital. My specialist and physio watched on in amazement as she made connections happen with her needles. My care team eagerly explained my condition and any developments to Deirdre knowing that she would not only understand all the jargon but come back with a plan of action to support their work. My recovery surpassed all expectations at the time and Deirdre was a constant support throughout it all. I am still a loyal patient and would recommend Deirdre to anyone.

Not only is she exceptional at what she does but as a person, she is a healer. It is amazing knowing that she is there for you, cares about what she’s doing and will do her utmost to see you well again.